Quality First, Safety Guaranteed

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    The company is a collection of sales, processing, cutting, transportation.

  • Product


    Qingdao Star Steel Co.,Ltd ,with annual spot reserve exceed 5000000 tons.

  •  Philosophy


    We also adheres to the concept of win-win situation, focus on customers.

  • Quality


    High quality products, low prices and excellent survice, customers are highly valued.


  • ASEAN billet market rebounds

    The Southeast Asian billet import market has turned upwards after weeks of decline, Exporters have either withdrawn from the market or else raised offer prices on Friday. Traders pondered if the market upturn is sustainable amid depressed regional steel demand and a poor regional economic outlook...

  • What is the difference between color stee...

      What is the difference between color steel plate and hot-dip galvanized plate 1. Different nature 1. Color steel plate: It is a color-coated steel plate, and a color-coated steel plate is a steel plate with an organic coating. 2. Hot-dip galvanized sheet: It is a steel plate with a layer o...